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Kelly K. Stewart


"You can’t depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain


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Telyn, Clarsach, Cruit, and Harp

Kelly’s First Solo CD. Produced and distributed by Kelly K. Stewart.

"I went through dozens of different ideas and lists and combinations tunes and songs when I started planning this recording. An entire summer was spent throwing away scraps of paper until my mother suggested something brilliant one day... The list that managed to stay out of the wastebasket was the one where I wrote down every piece that someone else had asked me to record. This album is made up entirely of requests from people that I care about. It’s not restricted to the music of Ireland, Scotland, or Wales - or even a particular style of harp. Some of it is not in a traditional style at all, but it was put together by my family and friends and the people who have supported me and my playing." - Kelly K. Stewart

Contact Information

email: tripleharp@gmail.com
phone: 404-395-8133