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Kelly K. Stewart


"You can’t depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain



Workshops and seminars are available in a wide range of subjects related to the Harp. These workshops can range from two to four hours. There are two two main areas of workshops that are available. These are Harp Related Workshops and Music History Workshops. Examples of each of these are given below.

Harp Workshops:

Music and Ornamentation
Folk Harp (Irish, Scottish or Welsh)
Triple-Strung Harp (Welsh or Baroque)
Wire Harp
Medieval Harp with Brays

Music History Seminars
Harp 101 (History of the Harp)
Harp and Chromaticism
Tradition and Music History of Great Britain

Sample Workshops
History of the Harp
K-5 Harp and Harp History

Contact Information

email: tripleharp@gmail.com
phone: 404-395-8133